Doing business in the United Arab Emirates; by Consortis S2W participating SME

Since 2005, CONSORTIS has been striving to provide services that substantially improve people’s everyday lives by combining earth engineering sciences with the latest technology.

The core businesses focus of Consortis is on Geospatial services and Consulting services related to Environmental Engineering, Transportation, Urban and Spatial Planning and other similar fields.

Using an international approach, the business aims to export products and services to foreign markets and, conversely, import novel ideas and solutions from other countries for domestic use.

The Space2Waves Internationalization Program has offered us a forward-looking perspective on scientific and technological innovation since it focuses on the investigation of new forms of collaboration in European's Blue Economy.

While participating in Space2Waves we have had the chance to investigate with the program's consultant, ways to adjust our specific business needs to the market of the United Arab Emirates. Through the individual and personalized consulting sessions we have analyzed our internationalisation attempt and weighed up our options in the UAE. Further sessions are due to develop and optimize a decision-making guide, tailored to our business, covering our next steps to enter this new target market.

Plenty of useful information have also been given to us through the program's workshops, such as cultural tips, local business practices, regulations and foreign investment strategies.

We have had the chance to get to know the other European companies that are taking part in Space2Waves and seek new collaborations and partnerships to exploit new opportunities for improvement, expansion and enrichment of our services and products.

Our aims for CONSORTIS entering the UAE market, will focus on the following four fundamental goals:

* To develop new products and services with the use of EO technologies, aimed to facilitate the state and citizens

* To contribute to the development of space technologies applications

* To further penetrate in the earth observation field

* To develop GIS applications, for the timely, reliable, and accurate management of environmental issues and risks.

For more information about Consortis please visit our website:

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Posted 2022-01-11 14:09:21

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